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Okuradashi Film Festival 2011:Unreleased Films and Hidden Masterpiece will be on screen!
                 A Grand-Prix Winner Will Be Distributed in Theater!

What's "Okuradashi Film Festival 2011"?

 About 400 films are produced per year in Japanese film industry. However, the fact that there are many unreleased films is not
 commonly known. It has brought to an opening of a new unique film festival, screening unreleased films gathered from all over
 Japan for competition and also screening the films rarely seen.
 We are planning outdoor theater viewing and many other events, and also inviting guests related to the films to be screened.
 You will enjoy breathing in the local atmosphere.

 There will be the award ceremony on the last day and the winner will be distributed in theater in Tokyo and in Hiroshima.
 We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival.

 ◇ Period: Oct. 13 (Thu) to Oct. 16 (Sun) , 2011
 ◇ Location: Onomichi City and Fukuyama City, Hiroshima
 ◇ Presented by Okuradashi Film Festival Committee
Submitting Your Films for Competition
 ◇ Requirements:
  1) a Japanese film which has never been released in theater
  2) master format must be one of the following; 35mm / 16mm / BD-R / DVCAM / mini DV / DVD
  3) an applicant must be the copyright holder of the film or to have acquired an agreement from the copyright holder

 ◇ Deadline: Aug. 15, 2011
 ◇ Prize: a Grand-Prix winner will be released in theater in Tokyo and in Hiroshima